The subscriber is the primary adult who applied for insurance. In households who get insurance through other means: There should have been one primary person who initially applied for insurance.

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An insurance subscriber is the person who is purchasing the insurance for themselves. An insurance solicitor is a person who works for the insurance company and sells the insurance to the. Congratulate, what sunland insurance are notwho is the subscriber for health insurance What is a subscriber number for health insurance? Rasmussen Reports: The Most Comprehensive Public Opinion Data AnywhereVoters Still Put Lower Costs Over Health Insurance Mandate As Congress begins debating. * Most Say 'No' to More Public Anti-Trump Role for Obama. Voters Still Put Lower Costs Over Health Insurance Mandate.

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A health insurance plan that is funded by an employer rather than through a health insurance company. A health insurance company will typically handive the administration of such a plan, but the cost of claims will be paid for by the employer through a fund set up for this purpose. What is an insurance subscriber – Answerswho is the subscriber for health insuranceIf one person is the parent and the other is a child (or other dependent the parent will be the subscriber. If your insurance is through an employer, the employee will be the subscriber and the other family members on the policy will be dependents).

Insurance market; (9) a parent or parent-in-law of the main subscriber who does not. A group health plan, or a health insurance insurer offering individual health insurance. A health insurance organization or insurer offering a health /downloads/forms/b&i/subchapter_II20_virgin_islands_healthcare_reform_. Health Insurance Glossary – Health Insurance Definitions and Harley davidson motorcycle insurance Subscriber is normally used to describe someone covered under an HMO plan although the term has broad use and application. In a generic sense, a health insurance subscriber may also be called a policyholder, certificate holder, insured or covered participant. Terms can be confusing but the use of subscriber is often a legal definition used when a policy is not issued to the individual. The American Mind

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Info-russ archive, July 1, 1999 – December 31, 1999I am looking for the temporary health insurance for my relative who's going to Spain in. Dear info-russ subscribers, I am looking for Russian-speaking people in Long Island, NY. Subject: info-russ: traveler's health insurance? To: /kaplan/iruss/archive/. Members: Definitions Health Insurance for Employers, Groups The Subscriber is the policy holder. A member is anyone covered under an insurance plan Home Science Math History Literature Technology Health Law Business All Topics Random.