A film insurance policy is based on the best offerings from insurance companies that provide entertainment production coverage. In general, a solid policy will protect the producer from liability related to injuries on set and any accidents in working vehicles.

The Essential Guide to Film Production Insurance Wrapbook

Leading provider of entertainment insurance for movie, film production and special events. Fast free quot;s in all 50 states. Iaai insurance auctions home pagefilm insurance Film Production Insurance – Front Row Insurance Film Insurance A major interruption of the shooting can occur when one of the main actors gets injured or sick, preventing him to show up on the Film set. A stand still or interruption of the shootings can cause high extra costs because the fix cost of Film crew, equipment material, location cost, etc. Will have to be paid anyway.

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As Film Insurance specialists we arrange Film, Media, TV and Video Production Insurance policies tailored to suit your shoot. This means that if you require a short policy for any length of time or need annual cover, we are able to provide full comprehensive insurance specifically designed to meet your needs. The Essential Guide to Film Production Insurance Wrapbookfilm insuranceA film insurance deductible is the amount of money on an insurance claim you have to pay before the insurance provider does. Lets say a light bulb explodes on set. And after searching through your production records, you find out its worth 5,000.

Allen Financial Insurance The Equestrian group have the expertise required when it comes to providing Short Term Production Insurance Short Film Production insurance protection for all of your film, digital, or video production work, whether it be a motion picture feature length film, television commercial, directors reel, documentary, educational film, pilot, or music video. Film Insurance Specialists – Film Insurance For lovely health insurance marketplace iowa long Front Row Insurance Brokers arranges film production insurance to cover the risks associated with your production. We cover features, television series, docs, commercials, music videos, webisodes and other productions intended to be distributed on mobile devices: any content created by youthe producer. Film Production Equipment Insurance Video equipment

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, California Department of Insurance License #0I32322 We are excited to offer insurance for Drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's) Learn More Whether you seek short term production insurance for your short film, or an annual policy for your feature, documentary, and music video productions, we are able to provide you. Film Insurance – HDI Global Film gear insurance can be arranged quickly through us, usually over the phone. Our program is very popular with new and established film makers because of the low cost and the simple process to arrange a policy. We can cover both owned gear and rented gear on a specialized entertainment floater form.