Grundy Insurance has specialized in protecting collector cars since 1947! Specifically designed for collector vehicles, Grundy insurance saves you at least 50 of the cost of regular car insurance while delivering better protection! With Grundy Agreed Value Insurance you get 100 of your cars value in the event of a total loss.

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Best companies for classic car insurance. No single insurer is best for every collectible car. The ideal coverage for a Model T might not be the right fit for a muscle car, and the way you use. Sorry, that pet insurance waiting period speakingclassic car insurance cost Insurance Online – Car, Home, Health Life Geico knows that your collector car is more than just a car. That's why a classic car insurance policy is so much more than just a standard auto policy. Traditional insurance policies may not consider the unique issues that come up when a vehicle represents a significant financial investment, like when replacement parts are nearly impossible to.

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What Is Classic Car Insurance? With conventional automobile insurance, your car is typically covered only up to its actual cash value, which is equivalent to its replacement cost minus example, if you purchased a brand-new Dodge Challenger in 2010 for 22,000 but got in an accident that totaled the car today, your insurance company may only reimburse you an actual cash value. Classic Car Insurance for Automotive Enthusiasts Hagertyclassic car insurance costThe cost of auto insurance policies varies, but, classic car insurance is usually cheaper than regular car insurance. Average quot;s for collector car insurance policies run at a 40 percent savings discount over a regular car insurance policy.

Your classic isn't just a car. That's why your classic car insurance policy isn't just a standard car insurance policy. Instead, it's a much different policy that's built just for your classic and includes more specialized coverages. And your classic or collector car insurance policy actually costs about 276 less * than a standard auto policy. How Much does Classic Car Insurance Cost? – Muscle Car Club Agree, very leavitt insurance speaking, opinion Benefits of Each Classic Car Insurer. Like regular car insurance, there are several parts with classic and collector car insurance. Some insurers like J. Taylor require your classic car be at least 19 years old, while others like Grundy will insure a car of any age. Classic Car Insurance: What Is It? How Does It Work

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When you have an exceptional vehicle, you need the right coverage to protect it. Classic car insurance is the best way to keep your classic or antique car safe and sound. While regular car insurance has coverage relevant to commuters, classic car insurance policies meet the unique needs of collectible and custom cars. The Best Classic Car Insurance Companies Classic car insurance offers some key benefits compared to daily driver or "regular" insurance. Lower premiums We understand your car is a prized passion and will be driven with great caution, so we adjust the premiums accordingly36 lower on average than daily driver insurance.