Bodily injury liability insurance is a type of insurance that is attached to car insurance and pays for physical harm in the event of an accident. This does not cover medical expenses for the driver, but it does cover medical expenses for passengers and the other driver who was hit.

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Bodily injury liability insurance helps pay for medical bills an injured person may run up. It can also pay for recovery treatments or other ongoing costs. On top of that, if you injure someone. Totaled car insurance payout opinionbodily injury insurance Bodily Injury Car Insurance Coverage: How Does It Work The cost of bodily injury insurance depends on how much liability coverage you buy. You have to have at least the minimum mandated by state car insurance laws. The average cost for bare-bones liability insurance, your state minimum, is 526, according to a rate analysis.

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Bodily Injury Liability (BI or BIL) insurance is one of the two forms of liability car insurance coverage that pay for any damages you caused other drivers. Most states require minimum limits of this coverage to demonstrate your financial responsibility on the road, but consumers can pay more and opt for greater coverage. Bodily Injury Liability Insurance Bodily Injury Autobodily injury insuranceWhat is Bodily Injury Liability? If you are responsible for a car accident, Bodily Injury Liability pays for the costs associated with injuries of those involved. This coverage also provides legal defense in the event you are sued for damages.

Bodily injury liability coverage is subject to a limit, which is the maximum amount your car insurance policy will pay toward a covered ly injury liability coverage generally has two coverage limits: a per-person limit and a per-accident limit. Auto Insurance – Choosing Bodily Injury Coverage Interesting phrase federal employee disability insurance opinion you are Choosing Bodily Injury Coverage. The new law requires that auto insurance companies or licensed agents give drivers forms that describe the benefits and risks of the coverage options. Drivers may want to consult their auto insurance company or licensed agent to discuss their personal auto insurance needs. Bodily Injury Property Damage Insurance Coverage

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The CGL states that bodily injury means "bodily injury, sickness, or disease sustained by a person, including death resulting from any of these at any time. " Bodily injury includes illness and disease as well as physical injury. It also includes death if death results from bodily injury, sickness, or disease. The Definition of Bodily Injury Mentioned nearly 40 times in your standard insurance policy, bodily injury is a term you should be familiar with. Its one of two broad areas of coverage, along with property damage, that fall under something called personal liability, aka coverage for stuff you do that affects other people. If you accidentally injure someone else, check your policy for the specifics of whats covered.